Cu-64 Dotatate Detectnet PET/CT Scan

Steps for a Successful Cu-64 Dotatate Detectnet PET/CT Scan

  • No dietary restrictions prior to scan. Drink water the morning of the exam.  Stay hydrated.
  • No vigorous exercise 24 hours prior to your
  • Hold somatostatin analogs prior to appointment per protocol:
    • Long-acting: 28 days
    • Short-acting: 2 days

  • Wear comfortable clothes, with no buckles or metal. It is also best to leave any jewelry at home. Times can vary depending on the type of scan. It is best to plan to spend about 2 hours with
  • If you are claustrophobic, please consult with your physician and you must contact PET/CT staff for the safest possible preparation method. PET Fusion Imaging does not dispense or stock any medications. If you take or anticipate needing any medication, please bring it with
  • If pregnant or nursing, you will need to inform our PET/CT
  • No barium 72 hours prior to PET/CT
  • Due to the radioactivity used during the exam, we discourage visitors younger than 10 years
  • It is best to consult with the PET/CT staff prior to your exam to go over any specific preparation needs. Failure to follow the guidelines could affect the results of the scan and provide your physician with inaccurate

Important Note: In order to have a successful result of your scan, a costly medication especially formulated for you will be ordered (3) three days prior to your appointment. Arrive on time as the medication may not be usable if you are late. If for any reason, you cannot keep your appointment, please notify the PET Fusion Imaging office staff at: 260.469.4738 before 5:00 p.m. the day prior to your scheduled appointment time.